Unit Testing with Swift: Mocks, Stubs & Asynchronous Tests


In this example project I’ll guide you through 4 different scenarios. A basic test example to verify a property has been set. The ability to calculate how many times a method has been called via a mocked class. The ability to stub out method returns which is useful when you need to establish a certain state of your objects under test. Lastly I’ll show you how to do asynchronous testing with expectations in Swift and XCTest.

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Swift Playground: Map, Reduce, Filter, Join, Structs


This playground file provides a great introduction to functional programming with Swift. It shows how to use techniques like Map, Reduce, Filter & Join all whilst operating on a struct. The playground also shows how to store functions into a variable or a constant and reuse that logic in your collection operations.

What’s included is a single playground file with comments and examples on how to use these extremely handy tools!

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Swift TableView’s – Delegates, Datasources, Storyboards, AutoLayout


In this example project you will receive a zip file containing an XCode project that has a completely set up TableView with example content. The project will feature Storyboards, Autolayout Constraints with Swift Code that will be used to set up a tableview and fill it with content. This example uses the MVC.

What’s included:

  • Fully contained XCode 7.3.1 Project File
  • Swift 2 Code
  • Storyboards
  • Universal support for iPhone & iPad
  • Autolayout Constraints in Storyboard’s
  • Example of a datasource
  • Examples of how to capture scrolling events using the delegate pattern
  • Fully commented code

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